Saturday, 4 September 2010

Hi Guys!

According to me everyone has a passion, something in which they are really good. Some of us havn't found out his hobby yet. I have been looking for it for a very long time. Now I'm sure that the greatest hobby of mine is windsurfing. When I was young and beautiful my hobby was sailing. I really enjoyed this sport but the responsibility for other people was too big for me. I decided to find something else. Then I hit on an Idea! Windsurfing was a fantastic solution! On a board you are independent, you can rely only on your own. I'm aware of that, that I'll never be a professional windsurfer (I started too late) but it gives me a lot of fun and makes me full of energy! I recomend this sport a lot. If you like water and you aren't scared of challenges you must try it! In the photo: Me in Chalupy - a town of polish windsurfing.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Our restaurant by Joel, Sonia, Karen and Sergio

A few words from Poland...

Since our work on the blog this year is over we would love to thank you all for the time and involvement you devoted to this undertaking.

We're extremely satisfied with the relationships we've created throuhout this time and we hope that in the future we'll be able to develop them.

We wish you wonderful and unforgettable holidays and let's all keep our fingers crossed for our meeting next year;)

Friday, 11 June 2010

Goodbye Bloggers

Summer time is coming and with it our holidays !!! One more time we want to say goodbye to you. This year we went to London and we met English people althought we also know more people in the blog, people from London, people from Poland, people from Norway and people of Turkey We love you all.
Sara: I have had a nice time in this blog, I hope that next year I can repeat that.
Laura Vera: It’s a great experience to participate in this blog with you.
Sergio: My heart says goodbye and see you next year.
Aida: Next year I want to repeat this experience, goodbye I’ll miss you bloggers, good summer.
Razel: Thank you I have had a nice time and I hope to see you again next year.
Ainoa: I like this oportunity with the blog because I learnt a lot and I hope I can repeat the exchange next year.
Sonia: I’m really grateful for this opportunity to learn English and meet other people from different cultures. I hope that next year I can repeat this again and thank you everybody.
Marc: Have a nice holidays and enjoy the summer.
Coral: Goodbye everybody I like participating in the blog kisses.
Helena: Goodbye people of the blog. We see you next year.
Laura: I like participating in this blog very much, I learnt a lot of English and thanks to the blog this year I went to London, one of my dreams. I hope that next year I can repeat.
Mònica: It’s been a rewarding experience to work with this group of students using a blog. We all (including me) have learnt a lot about I.C.T. Moreover, being in touch with students from other countries has broaden our horitzons. I hope we can manage to make it livelier and more interesting next year.
Iman: I like participating in this blog very much. We see you next year. Kisses.
Mireia: I like working on the projects and uploading them on this blog. Have a good summer people and we see you in september. Kisses.
Joel: I liked this blog and I hope to see you next year goodbye. Have a nice summer.
Paula: This blog is a great experience for me ! I hope to participate in it next year good summer and good luck. Kisses.
Ricard: I like this blog and all the projects. We see you next year. Goodbye.

Our impressions on London

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The first day in London

During this course we have been practising English while working on this research project.

Each year we travel abroad and this year we went to London and we've been lucky enough to do it.

On Tuesday May 11 at 8 am, in the morning we were all gathered at the airport anxious to get to this beautiful country.

Because of the volcanic ash cloud we were delayed and the aircraft which had to leave at 10 ended up leaving in the afternoon, at 13h.

For some of us flying was a new experience, others had travelled once, but we were all very excited for this trip.

When we arrived the teachers tested as making us ask the best rate of the underground.

After that, we settled in the hotel which was the largest in all of London, where we were stayed during those days.